Women of Silicon Roundabout

Women of Silicon Roundabout

Shape the digital revolution, don’t watch it happen!
Industry pioneers share their experiences of championing women, the importance of female role models and how to accelerate your career.

Join a lively and friendly community of people working in the sector with fantastic networking opportunities.

Topics covered will include how to attract and retain top talent, digital transformation, how to build successful teams and changing company culture.

Learn how industry leaders approach strategies for addressing the gender gap, measure the effectivess of D&I policies, and push it the forefront of the business’ agendas.

Get the lowdown on how different aspects of business will be impacted by emerging technology and the latest trends. Or get hands on coding in deep dive sessions.

Learn how to build confidence, use the right body language and market yourself in our empowering workshops.

Find out more by visiting: https://www.women-in-technology.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8fPeg-mX4AIVxbTtCh0ExwZfEAAYASAAEgLUtvD_BwE