Why flexibility is key to driving gender diversity in leadership

Why flexibility is key to driving gender diversity in leadership

When Jayne Hrdlicka became the boss of Jetstar, she was asked if she’d informed her family that she wouldn’t be seeing them anymore.
Hrdlicka never had that conversation, and instead opted for a different one: telling her superiors upon taking on the role that she wouldn’t be spending significant chunks of time away from home, and that she’d continue to drop her kids to school when she was in Melbourne.

Speaking last week at the launch of the Boston Consulting Group’s new report, What’s Working to Drive Gender Diversity in Leadership, Hrdlicka said a commitment to flexible work can drive gender diversity in leadership.

She spends just three nights away from home on her regular trips to Asia (two of them on a plane), instead of the two weeks preferred by her predecessor. And she manages to make it home to help her kids with homework and attend their school functions.

Hrdlicka shared the example of how she works to demonstrate that even chief executives and senior managers can work flexibly, but a greater challenge may exist in ensuring other staff (particularly those working shifts) can access schedules that work for them.

“We need to give employees a sense of contro

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