Why a Candidate’s Brand is Important

Why a Candidate’s Brand is Important

How do you define your personal brand as a job seeker? How do you as an employer assess whether a candidate epitomises your company’s brand? What is your personal brand? Do you have one? And is it important to have one, given our very “brand aware” society, to actually have a personal marketing strategy?
As an employer, what do you look for when considering potential employees for your company. Someone who will embrace your own company’s brand and values?

How easy is it to hire in this format?

Let’s take Innocent Drinks. A recognisable brand in the congested drinks markets. Their values are natural, responsible, commercial, entrepreneurial, generous. Their “work for us” section really talks to potential employees in their distinguishable and colloquial tone. Those candidates applying for live or speculative roles are encouraged to shout about how they are different and show innovation in their application.

You can carry your personal brand from beyond your CV with your social media presence. It is not new news that a potential employer is definitely going to look at you across all channels. Not just LinkedIn, but those pics of you in your bikini or getting horridly drunk at a party, are going to form part of their assessment of your brand perception. It is a risky strategy to behave without awareness unless you are working (or hoping to) for a brand like Diageo possibly!

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