When High Aspirations Lead All the Way to the House of Lords

When High Aspirations Lead All the Way to the House of Lords

As I’m sure is common in most jobs, there’s a certain rhythm to the year at Mosaic, the charity that I proudly serve as Managing Director.

There are moments that occur at a similar time each year and therefore act as clues to what might be happening in the world around us.

The dark, winter months are brightened considerably by our various celebration events at which we pause to thank the dozens of volunteer mentors that deliver our programmes so successfully; our Enterprise Challenge competition runs its course as Winter cedes to Spring; and as we’re about to begin another international football tournament, the Mosaic calendar turns to the Summer term’s Primary School graduations.

Our mentoring programme in primary schools mainly involves our mentors working with young girls and their mothers in areas of deprivation within the UK. We recruit members of the business community to act as role models for the girls and they work with them and their mothers to build confidence, foster communication skills and open their eyes to the almost limitless possibilities that are available to them once they’ve finished in education…

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