What’s the Story? 5 Tips to Write Great Copy

What’s the Story? 5 Tips to Write Great Copy

Recruitment rocks!  It is an amazing industry that gives you the opportunity to better understand how people work, it helps hone your communication skills and is constantly evolving, so that you are constantly learning.
My particular interest is in “Talent Attraction;” what attracts an applicant to apply, what makes them read on, what motivates them, what language do they speak and how do they want to be spoken to?

Great recruiters excel at building relationships and developing trust through communication, by being authentic and honest. Good communication is critical to building meaningful relationships, & it often starts with great copy!

Back in 1996,  we lived and died by our small semi-display ads in the Evening Standard, and our weekly quarter, or half page in Drapers Record. Each and every advert counted and you earned your right to advertise, and as such you chose your words very carefully.

The online advertising world has created a fairer, cheaper, more meritocratic way of attracting applicants, and a whole new industry based on social recruiting was born of out it, but it has also highlighted how poorly some recruiters communicate, how little they understand people and how lazy some of them are!

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