Unconscious bias and lack of diversity is holding business back

Unconscious bias and lack of diversity is holding business back

The lack of diversity in technology is not a new issue. A study by Statista showed that female employees make up between 26 percent and 43 percent of the workforce at major tech companies.

However, even this does not tell the whole story, as the number of women in engineering or product-focused jobs is even lower.

Diversity goes far beyond the presence of women in technology. Inclusive Boards recently found that only one in nine senior UK tech leaders come from black, Asian or minority ethnic backgrounds.

This is a pressing challenge, since it has been proven time and again that diversity drives success – regardless of industry.

And if organisations in the technology sector are to prosper, then diversity should be a boardroom priority. While this issue is one that can define the success of a business, it also has wider ramifications for society as a whole.

As day-to-day life becomes more driven by technology, the companies that create these products have a responsibility to produce great experiences for all their customers, and cater for everyone. But this is only possible with a diverse product team. Reflecting the diversity of your user-base across the wider team is therefore a huge competitive advantage to those companies that make it a priority.

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