Top 5 Tech Trends you’ll love this year.

Top 5 Tech Trends you’ll love this year.

1. Artificial Intelligence will turbo-charge productivity – both personally, and professionally.

While artificial intelligence probably won’t take your job, it will change how you work. In the coming decade, expect to see AI making its way into all sorts of workplaces around the world – automating routine tasks that will free up your time to concentrate on parts of your job that are more satisfying and meaningful. And there will be lots of new jobs and career possibilities for those who gain the skills to work in technology fields.

2. Blockchain will help to make the food you eat safer than ever.

Food recalls keep consumers constantly on their toes – affecting their shopping habits, and calling produce and pantry items into question. But blockchain networks like IBM Food Trust (which is used by a growing number of retailers including Walmart, Albertson’s and Carrefour – as well as major food suppliers like Dole) are helping to trace foods from the farm to your fork. What is blockchain? It’s a digital ledger that means means consumers now have unprecedented insight into exactly where their food has come from and it doesn’t stop with food – blockchain now tracks global shipments, marriages and more. Right now we’re able to track food shipments on the blockchain via apps and in the next decade, we’ll see this cutting edge technology become a part of everyday life.

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