The professional body of equality and diversity professionals

The professional body of equality and diversity professionals

Denise IEDP Chair 

Happy New Year! Many of us are so immersed in work that we’ve all but forgotten that the festive period was only just over three weeks ago. However the year is still young and full of potential. There is still much talk about the goals that have been set and the achievements that we wish to see.

One of our key goals here at the IEDP is to continue with our re-branding exercise …we already have the new logo and will be working on updating our website over the coming months. Our second goal is to work hard to increase our engagement with you: by delivering   interesting content via our newsletter, and the members’ area of our website, so it is well worth your while taking a closer look at your inbox make sure that you don’t miss anything from us.

With so much going on in the world, there’s no doubt that there will be a lot to discuss over the coming months in all the realms that we are so passionate about: gender, ethnicity and culture, disability, sexuality, gender identity, religion or belief, mental health …all  remain topical.

I won’t waste another moment, I wish you a great year and we’ll be in touch.

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