The Most Important Design Of 2017

The Most Important Design Of 2017

By creating the Pro Hijab, Nike sends an important message about inclusion and encourages a generation of Muslim girls to think of themselves as athletes.

Nike’s Pro Hijab won General Excellence in the 2017 Innovation By Design AwardsFast Company‘s annual celebration of the best ideas in design. See the rest of the winners, finalists, and honorable mentions here.

In 2017, Nike caused a stir when it announced that was getting into the hijab business. Early next year, it will launch the Pro Hijab, a lightweight, moisture-wicking head covering for female athletes.

At Nike’s headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, designers were excited to tackle the challenge of creating a high-performance hijab that would make it easier for millions of Muslim women to do sports. But by crafting a product that was so deeply tied to the Muslim identity, Nike was wading into choppy waters. Within minutes of the product announcement, Nike’s hijab had morphed from a swath of high-tech fabric into a symbol of the empowerment of women and, simultaneously, their oppression.

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