The (actually good) Black Friday deals in the UK today

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The (actually good) Black Friday deals in the UK today


Black Friday may not be nearly as big as China’s Singles Day, but nonetheless it has become embedded in our consumer culture. What used to be one day of frantic deal mongering has morphed into a week-long series of price cuts designed to entice us to snap up product, be it a much-needed or frivolous purchase. Unedifying it might be, but there are genuine bargains to be found if you look carefully enough.

Ending on Friday, November 23 (that’s the real Black Friday) we’ll be updating this page with the best Black Friday deals on Amazon and numerous other retailers. Unlike some lists, WIRED will check prices against other retailers and historic prices, and pick products carefully to make sure you’re not wasting money.

Our top deal today is on the Microsoft Surface Pro 6, which is currently on sale for just £749 with a keyboard cover included. It’s available at that price from several retailers and it’s a saving of around £230. Yesterday’s deal on the Sony wireless headphones for just £200 has been extended and we’ll be checking for more deals later today.


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