The 17%: Addressing the diversity challenge in tech

The 17%: Addressing the diversity challenge in tech

The ‘17%-Banking on Diversity in Tech’ was an event held by Digital Leaders and Women in Banking and Finance to re-examine the ‘leadership capabilities’ needed to transform the sectors, and to look how future leadership could become more diverse, digitally-enabled & agile.

Head of Projects and Strategic Change, Sam Notley and Strategic Partnership Manager, Laura Fox-Newby, attended the event to see how we could apply some of these learnings within our business.

17% was hosted by Lloyds Banking, who in 2014, made a bold public commitment on gender equality to increase the proportion of senior management roles held by women to 40% by 2020. The importance of this commitment was highlighted in the keynote held by Digital Leaders Chair, Jacqueline de Rojas.

Jacqueline highlighted our generation is with technology, announcing we were borderline smug, until the harsh realisation came… are we confident the younger generation has the skills to innovate the technology that has not yet been developed? The skills gap is a very real risk that we must address.

We are advancing in technology but are work cultures moving at the same pace? Using Epos Now as an example, Norwich is a small pond when recruiting new talent. If technology enables us to communicate with text, instant messaging and video conferencing, are we casting our net wide enough by offering remote working?

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