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  • “ContractsIT is one of the most professional company We  has collaborated with. Both in Belgium and France they are amongst our top number PSL suppliers. When dealing with ContractsIT, you just know that you will receive a nothing but professional approach, they are correct and precise. Their manner of communicating is professional yet they excellently can go to the level required to be able to get the best out of the person they are in contact with. Candidates coming from ContractsIT have been briefed properly, stand out for their high quality and complete commitment towards Contracts IT and the company they are being presented to. ContractsIT is an utterly loyal company with trusted SPOCS. They can send these high quality profiles as they are well established within the BENELUX market, allowing them a solid pool of the best candidates in the sector. In short, working with ContractsIT has been one of the best decisions for us to have taken. Their knowledge and professionalism ensure that only the correct and most suited profiles are selected.”

    Senior Resource Manager
    Senior Resource ManagerFujitsu
  • “Contracts IT Recruitment Consulting Ltd. very often will propose candidates pro-actively, candidates with a profile that we have been looking for before, which makes my job a lot easier.” “Although Contracts IT Recruitment Consulting Ltd. will not always have the cheapest solution, they always deliver on quality which, in the end, often turns out to be more profitable than just price-buying. My conclusion is if you are looking for a truly professional partnership for resourcing in IT, I strongly recommend Contracts IT Recruitment Consulting Ltd. Limited. I guarantee that you will not regret it.”

    Head of IT Service Delivery
    Head of IT Service DeliverySAP
  • “I have used Contracts IT Recruitment Consulting Ltd. for my recruitment needs over the last 5 years. I have continued to use them as they have always sent me good quality, relevant candidates. I am also happy to say they are an agency who respects your contact methods and requirements, no constant calls or emails! I would and have recommended them to others.”

    IT Director
    IT Director Optimax
  • “We have worked with Contracts IT Recruitment Consulting Ltd. for some years. I have been happy with the service levels we have received. Two things stand out; firstly, the continuity of staff at Contracts IT Recruitment Consulting Ltd. has been excellent. This means that the recruitment consultants get to know me as the HR manager, the line managers, and our business over the longer term. We always deal with the same people, which set them apart from other consultancies. Secondly, their responsiveness is good – whether it is responding to a job spec, sending CVs, responding to emails and phone calls, they are always very efficient and professional.”

    HR Manager
    HR ManagerShell
  • What we like about the consultants at Contracts IT Recruitment Consulting is their in-depth knowledge of the skills they place. They are extremely proactive in their approach and always professional. But what is most exceptional is their absolute desire to seek out the ‘gurus’ within their respective field. They have consistently shown their dedication by finding ways to present us with the best of the lot, irrespective of geography or other obstacle. We would seriously recommend them to any client wishing to have a pleasant recruitment service.”

     IT Manager
    IT Manager IBM
  • Contracts IT is a great partner to work with and completely understands the D&I link to resourcing, helping organisations reach their goals. They have played a great role model and will go above and beyond to help other organisations. Highly recommend partnering with Contracts IT

    Global Diversity & Inclusion Manager (currently Acting Head of D&I)
    Global Diversity & Inclusion Manager (currently Acting Head of D&I)Vodafone Group Services
  • Contracts IT represented their business at an event I held for Mitie to help smaller business access the supply chains of larger organisations. It was immediately clear that they understood what larger organisations require and provided good examples for other participants to help them tailor and differentiate their businesses. What I particularly like about ContactsIT is the importance she attaches to diversity and environmental issues. These are not necessarily attributes that are found in IT recruitment & selection yet they have found ways to build these values into her organisation. This will ultimately help them to access the supply arrangements of larger companies and provide the distinguishing features that result in new business. Now that ContractsIT and I are 'Linkedin', it is completely evident to me that we share similar values and that they recognise the importance of 'giving back' in the ways that business is conducted. They also understand the importance of business relationships and how to meet the individual expectations of their customers. If you have a need for IT resourcing, I highly recommend that you consult ContractsIT. I am certain that they will try to understand your needs fully, meet your business requirements and will be a supplier that gives that little bit extra through the values that they hold.

    Strategic Relationship Manager
    Strategic Relationship ManagerMitie
  • Contracts IT has an excellent understanding of the IT solutions market and works tirelessly to provide the right solution for each situation. Recently, we have had a focus on women in technology roles and they were able to provide us with the advice, guidance and expert knowledge required to engage more women with our technology roles. It was also refreshing to work with an IT service organisation that understood and actively supported our Diversity & Inclusion goals.

    Diversity Consultant
    Diversity Consultant
  • In my capacity as a global procurement professional , I had the privilege of listening to Contracts IT present their ideas / give professional advice as well as working alongside them. They are excellent communicators, clear , concise and amicable in approach and style. They relate to the audience and their customers with remarkable understanding and appreciation of their aspirations and issues. They have excellent leadership and team skills, having a very pragmatic approach to business, always willing to take time out to think outside the box in the pursuant of their goals and objectives. As such I would recommend Contracts IT as an asset and enhancement to their business needs.

    EMEA Global Procurement Strategic Business Partner & Relationship Manager
    EMEA Global Procurement Strategic Business Partner & Relationship ManagerHewlett-Packard