Tech’s women and men need to stand together for true diversity to occur

Tech’s women and men need to stand together for true diversity to occur

The fact that women shoulder the burden of encouraging girls to study STEM subjects is in itself an inequality. Inclusion on all levels is required before diversity can become reality. And all genders are responsible for making the workforce a true mirror of society.

“I hate when I see a group together and it’s all women working on the women issue,” said Beth Devin (pictured), managing director of innovation network and emerging technologies at Citigroup Inc. “Shame on us for not inviting men into the organization.”

Devin spoke with John Furrier, host of theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s mobile livestreaming studio, during the recent Mayfield People First Network event in Menlo Park, California. They discussed equality in the workplace and the diverse career path that has made Devin a digital innovation leader and respected industry advisor (see the full interview with transcript here).

This week, theCUBE spotlights Beth Devin in its Women in Tech feature.

Inclusion is everyone’s responsibility

Devin encourages men to stand up and join the equal opportunity fight. “Don’t be nervous; don’t be worried. Just step in,” she said. “Men are fathers; men are leaders; men are colleagues. They’re brothers; they’re uncles. We have to work on this together.”

Women banding with women is an example of unintended exclusion in the name of building diversity. No matter how conscious a company may be in its practices, humans are fallible and each person has unconscious biases based upon their upbringing, education, and general life experiences.

“Each one of us could make a difference in how we hire, sort of checking in what our unintended biases are,” Devin said.

While society is making progress (albeit slowly), these biases are still evident in the most unlikely places. Just last month, venerable list-maker Forbes magazine came under fire for publishing a ranking for the “Top 100 innovative CEOs” that included one lone women.

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