Tech London Advocates: The Road to One Million

Tech London Advocates: The Road to One Million

We are proud to submit our support for the RT1M pledge and are fully committed in supporting our clients with getting more diversity.
On behalf of the UK tech community, Tech London Advocates is launching the Road to One
Million, a campaign to harness the power of the private sector to address the shortage of
digital skills in the UK economy and create one million tech jobs by 2023.
Despite the extraordinary success of British tech companies over the past five years, the
industry is in danger of leaving huge swathes of the population behind. We have 48,297
technology vacancies currently advertised in London (Adzuna), yet women, ethnic minorities,
people with disabilities, the LGBTQ+ community and young people are massively
under-represented in the tech workforce.
London’s tech companies currently employ 318,480 people in digital jobs (Tech Nation). To
reach one million tech employees by 2023, the city needs to be bringing 10,000 people into
tech-related employment every single month. This is achievable if the private sector takes
the following steps:


Tech has a diversity problem. 51% of London’s population is female, yet only 17% of the city’s
tech workforce are women.
Bringing more women into tech companies will have a dramatic impact on the scale of
London’s tech employment landscape.
Tech London Advocates is pushing to achieve 33% gender diversity in the sector within the
next five years, essential for unlocking the potential of the entire nation. It has been shown
that tech companies now woefully lag behind FTSE 100 organisations for the number of
women in executive positions.

Action: We must also increase funding for female run businesses (currently only at 9%), to
grow their ventures and inspire more to enter the sector. Encouraging more females to
join investment firms will help to attract and identify female entrepreneurs, increasing the
likelihood of funding.


Too many socio-economic and ethnic groups are underrepresented in the technology sector.
Well-designed quotas would bring about transformation at a senior level, forcing a top-down
change to the culture of fast-growth tech businesses.

Action: Tech London Advocates is supporting calls to implement diversity quotas for senior
leadership teams in tech. The private sector must also commit to funding and engaging with
initiatives like UK Black Tech, to bring more BAME talent into tech.


London isn’t producing enough home-grown tech talent to meet demand. The number of
computer science graduates is falling and not enough older professionals are retraining with
digital skills. We need to triple London’s capacity to produce computer science graduates by

Action: Tech London Advocates is suggesting that all university students should be given
at least one week’s coding education to support the digital talent pipeline ready for the
workplace and to inspire young talent to develop these skills.





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