Speaker Spotlight- Saija Mahon

Speaker Spotlight- Saija Mahon

Saija Mahon is an amazing entrepreneur in the world of STEAM. After working for some of London’s biggest online marketing agencies, in 2010 Mahon founded her own digital media company, Mahon Digital Marketing Ltd. Additionally Saija has also founded Lonely Robot Web Design Agency that solely specializes in web design and build within the UK market, and she has also founded a Scandinavian business networking concept called The Caviar Club. She also manages two successful online marketing agencies, with offices in the UK and Scandinavia. Mahon does all this while taking care of her daughter, whom she says, along with her father, is her biggest inspiration. She is truly a #Changemaker!
mahon and daughter

Wonder Women Tech is excited to have her  as a guest speaker at our London Conference in April. Not only does Mahon bring years of experience and wisdom to offer attendees, she will also be there to network and hire people as well. If you’re interested in meeting other talented and amazing people at the Wonder Women Tech London conference, tickets can be bought here.


Wonder Women Tech (WWT): What inspired you to launch your company?


Saija Mahon (SM): I have always been highly passionate about digital marketing and digital technologies to aid it. I’ve been in the digital industry for the past 13 years, hence I wanted to explore my own ability to run and grow a digital marketing agency. I’ve also always wanted to travel and explore the world, hence building an international agency (which I plan to build further of course too in the coming years).


WWT: In what ways does your professional and/or personal mission align with the mission of Wonder Women Tech to highlight women and diversity in STEAM industries?


SM: Being in an industry that is 30% women and 70% men, I am definitely on a mission to increase the numbers of women in the profession. I believe we need both, male and female talent in the pipeline in order to service our clients the best way possible. We also need both, male and female innovators in the industry in order to develop the digital marketing landscape and portfolio further.


WWT: Why did you choose to participate in the WWT London Conference and what do you hope to accomplish there?


SM: I am very excited to be a part of the WWT conference and I believe the 2 days in London will be dynamic, exciting, innovative and disruptive! I hope to learn from the speakers, I hope to network with as many participants as possible and who knows, perhaps I will discover some new talent to hire in my digital agency too! I cannot wait.


WWT: Why do you feel people should attend the WWT London Conference?


SM: People should come to learn, get inspired and connected at the conference. There’s so many opportunities for both, businesses and potential employees, too.


WWT: What advice do you have for women looking to get into STEAM industries?


SM: The industry wants you, the industry needs you. STEAM industries cannot move and develop rapidly enough without women. It’s a fun, exciting and innovative place to be, where sky’s the limit and career opportunities are endless! Join us.


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