Second list of Awesome Networks released.

Second list of Awesome Networks released.

Press release
For immediate release – 26th August 2015

Networks at Lloyds Banking Group, PayPal,
Parliament, Dyfed-Powys Police, Fujitsu and
more are recognised as ‘Awesome Networks’
by ‘Inclusive Networks’

Inclusive Networks, a hub for celebrating diversity and inclusion, is delighted to
publish their second and final Awesome Networks list of 2015 – sixty new networks
making up their 2015 #Awesome100. The first list of its kind, it aims to celebrate the
positive impact that network groups of all types and from all sectors have and also
thank those people who selflessly coordinate the networks, with many doing this on
top of their day jobs.

Networks are an integral part of the diversity, inclusion and engagement agenda in
many organisations and play an important role in providing a welcome space for
their members to meet new people, network, offer opportunities to increase their
members knowledge and understanding of many topics as well as supporting with
business, career and professional development. It’s only right that we celebrate their
inspiring and important work and the positive impact they have. There are also many
groups and organisations that facilitate valuable networking events and these should
be acknowledged and rewarded too.

We wanted to hear about networks that have done something special. This could
have been hosting an inclusive event that was a real highlight, supporting an internal
2015 or external initiative, making a positive difference to the workplace or beyond,
fundraising for charity or just generally being awesome through the work they do.

Following the publication of the first list in February, network members and their
supporters have been enthusiastically nominating their networks to be recognised.
The list represents the diversity of network groups from all over the UK, ranging from
employee networks including the ‘Breakthrough’ network at Lloyds Banking Group
and ‘Shine LGBT+’, the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) network at
Fujitsu to the ‘Defence Stammering Network’ at The Army and the ‘Fraud Women’s
Network’ who bring together women involved in all aspects of fraud prevention,
detection, investigation and prosecution.

To view the full list of new Awesome Networks, visit

Thomas Anderson, Inclusive Networks Founder and Chief Executive, said :

“Following the publication of our first Awesome Networks list in February it has been
wonderful to hear of many of our Awesome Networks connecting and supporting
each other, as well as many organisations without networks approaching them for
tips and advice.”

“The diversity of the nominations received is a celebration of the many authentic
networks around the UK that have each made their mark and have a real positive
impact on those people who engage with them. From my personal experience, it is
very clear that networks of all types can enhance the lives of those people who
engage with them, as well as be of great value to the organisations that many of the
networks represent.”

“More and more organisations are seeing the value of investing in network groups.
That’s a great thing as we know that many people are attracted to organisations who
have visible and active network groups or visibly support them. They also have a
positive impact on employee engagement and staff retention. They really shout
‘that’s a great place to work, where all employees are supported, can be themselves
and there is investment and commitment to workplace inclusion’. It makes business
sense to support and develop network groups.”

On receiving their Awesome Networks recognition, Nikki Humphrey, Co-Chair of
the ‘Breakthrough’ network at Lloyds Banking Group said :

“We are delighted that Breakthrough has been recognised as an ‘Awesome
Network’. Our aims are to maximise the potential of female colleagues at all levels
and to support the Group to achieve its goal to increase the number of women at
senior levels. We have dedicated workstreams for mentoring, role models and for
parents. We run a successful national and regional events programme and held over
50 events last year to support our 12,000 members.”

Ann Moghaddami, Chair of the ParliAble Workplace Equality Network at Parliament
was thrilled to hear of their recognition and said :

”We are delighted to have been named as one of the Awesome Networks for
2015! The ParliAble committee has been working hard for the past four years to
raise awareness of disability issues in Parliament, and our membership has steadily
grown. Currently we are hoping to be an exciting agent for change, by making the
workplace adjustment process more visible, and easier to navigate, for employees.
Thank you to anyone who nominated us.”

Speaking to Inclusive Networks, Nicky Morgan MP, Secretary of State for Education
and Minister for Women and Equalities, said :

“It’s clear that network groups can make a very real contribution to the workplace,
helping create a culture which values diversity and attracts the best talent. It is of
course up to individual firms how they recognise the work that network groups do,
both inside and outside of the organisation, but I would certainly encourage any
company to reward staff who give something back to the workplace and their

“We know that networks are important – we’ve seen how the ‘old boys’ network’
used to dominate the workplace at senior levels. Luckily, things are now changing
and there is much more diversity in the world of work. However, there is still a lot of
benefit from both formal and informal networks.”

Nominations to be recognised as a 2016 Awesome Network are now open. You can
nominate up until 11:59pm on 31st March 2016 and we’ll be announcing the first
2016 Awesome Networks in May 2016.

If you know of a network you think is awesome and should be recognised and
celebrated, then let us know about them. For more information visit

Inclusive Networks will announce the shortlist of their inaugural Inclusive Networks
, supported by organisations including Contracts IT and Action for Children,
on 3rd September. The awards will recognise the people who make the networks live
and breathe, many of whom volunteer substantial amounts of their own time, as well
as thank the organisations that support and encourage their work and that of an
inclusive society.


Notes for Editors:

Launched at the end of October 2014, Inclusive Networks aims to bring networks,
charities, community groups and inclusive employers of all diversity strands and
sectors together, to learn from each other, to share, to collaborate and most
importantly, to celebrate the many successes of network groups, the people who
make them come alive and the employers and organisations who support them and
help them flourish. A vibrant feature and interview driven website is updated
frequently and a bi-monthly online magazine, ‘Network Buzz’, is produced by
Inclusive Networks. A number of quotes from our Awesome Networks can be found

Inclusive Networks announced their first list of forty Awesome Networks, including
networks from Tesco, John Lewis Partnership, BBC, The Co-operative Group, IBM,
RBS and more in February 2015. You can view the inaugural list here

Logos :

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Photographs :

Attached is a selection of photos of some of our Awesome Networks who were
recognised in our inaugural list in February.

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Thomas Anderson, Inclusive Networks Founder & Chief Executive
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