One of our IT consultants speaks – on the hunt for OTM specialists!

One of our IT consultants speaks – on the hunt for OTM specialists!

OTM – Logistical Treasure Hunt

Hello LinkedIn, Contracts IT blog readers and OTM specialists. This is my first blog post and hope it to be the first of many. Today I would like to write about The Oracle Transport Management System; acquired by Oracle in 2005 during its release 5 faze, OTM has become one of the leading transport management systems and its popularity is only growing.

OTM is becoming increasingly popular across European runations most notably and in no particular order: France, UK, Poland, the Benelux region, Italy, Switzerland and the Nordics too. It is also interesting to understand the different sectors that are using OTM most. A study by MavenWire back in Oct, 2012 shows the LSP, Retail & Manufacturing sectors are the biggest users of the OTM. Oracle can boast partnership with huge names like GSK, Ingersoll Rand, PPG industries, CNH industrial and the list goes on and on.
This is creating a strong need on the European market for OTM specialists, with some companies screaming out for candidates with solid OTM experience.

So the question I asked myself is, why are so many big names in industry implementing OTM?

In my opinion one of the most vital ways in which Oracle has made it’s TMS more attractive to its customers is the extended logistical execution lifecycle which now includes network/cloud optimization. And, unless you have been living under a rock for the past 5 years, it should be clear that all sectors and all industries are moving closer to network & cloud solutions, not just for their logistical issues but for almost everything. Cloud & network technologies are the future and recruitment market trends are proving that the big guns think so too. OTMs fast response to these market demands show OTM is the innovative TMS of the future, understanding that its customers need more streamlined logistic solutions.
Another way Oracle is streamlining its customer logistics is by using a real time order-cash data synchronization & workflow orchestration. This integrated and seamless O2C solution is benefitting there customers by; reducing costs of operations through faster order entry, enhancing customer experience with a more streamlined service and is increasing revenue through margin maximization, faster order completion & cross/up selling.
Probably the most poignant selling point for OTM when you pitch the system to your CEO would be the increased sales growth. OTMs streamlined cloud innovation & integrated O2C solution is increasing revenue and sales growth by increase customer satisfaction. This in turn (for all you business studies students) is of course increasing the popularity and reputation of Oracle customers.

I would love to hear your thoughts on OTM and is popularity in the market, do you prefer alternative transport management systems? Do you think there are areas in which Oracle can improve their system?

Joshua Sweeney, Account Manager – Contracts IT

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