Looking Ahead: The Biggest HR Trends in 2020

Looking Ahead: The Biggest HR Trends in 2020

From welcoming flextime in the workplace to understanding how workforce analytics can impact business decisions, these are the biggest HR trends that you’ll see as we move into 2020.

Human Resource is all about recruiting, mentoring and tending of the greatest assets of any company—human capital. Traditionally, Human Resources restricted itself to hiring, payroll, and some administrative duties. But the job profile of HR has evolved now, and hiring the right talent, managing the same with the latest technology available, and providing the right environment for the talent to flourish has become the primary task. So what will 2020 bring to the fore in the field of HR?

HR Management Trends in 2020

The unemployment rate in the US is low at 3.5 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The quit rate is also at a low of 2.3 percent. There are more jobs open than in the last 15 years. Companies need to find just the right people to fit in.

The HR trends of 2020 will see the talent market evolving with recruitment going hi-tech, companies going for upskilling and reskilling. Managements will increasingly utilize machine learning and AI to manage information in a structured and concise manner, allowing supervisors to make quick decisions.

Recruitment Trends

Recruitment this year will be leaning heavily on high tech. They will have to combine the role of sourcing, marketing, and strategizing. Most will lean on the power of data analysis to find the right fit. According to a study by the Harvard Business Review, the use of data analytics algorithms improves the decision making process by at least 25 percent.

HR professionals need to upskill to handle the advancements in technology. Those who do not use social and digital strategies to market the company and dive deep for talent will be left behind.

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