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Will you be joining Europe’s largest festival of tech where creativity , talent and innovation come together. Attracting over 55,000 attendees to 300 plus events London Tech Week is a unique opportunity to gain exposure to the largest and most engaged tech audience

Exciting to do our site walk @Plexalcity to build our program for @wonderwomentech @Womenintech_CIT London on June 15 #LondonTechWeek at the Plexal technology Innovation Centre London . With International speakers, career fair & much more fun planned!


We are celebrating a new theme in 2018: #WeAreInnovators and we are going above and beyond to find the most innovative changemakers around the world to ignite our global conferences.

JUNE 15, 2018


14 East Bay Lane, The Press Centre, Here East, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
Stratford, London E15 2GW U.K.



Enquiries : For partnerships inquiries please contact (US) or sarah@contractsit (UK)

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