London Tech Festival – Tech for all

London Tech Festival – Tech for all

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A global Sino-British tech event hosted by Somerco & Cocoon Global. A part of the Panda Innovation series.

London Tech Festival – Tech for All is embedded in a series of events to connect British and Chinese entrepreneurs and investors and foster the Golden Age of Sino-British collaboration. Through these events we are seeking to provide UK talent and key opinion leaders with a platform to connect to investors and also locally with Chinese investors.

I would be grateful if your Company helped in sponsoring our tech conference series that has 50-60 panel speakers with a focus on emerging technology. We started in June 2019 and are now entering the 4th conference and has grown from 200 to 450+ tickets on the third conference and has introduced more than 20 companies to investment. We are currently help two companies secure seed investment on £350 000 and £500 000 respectively. We organize 7-8 tech conferences in the Panda innovation series a year.

To find out more go to:—tech-for-all-london