James Munson explains new digital strategy at the DVSA

James Munson explains new digital strategy at the DVSA

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) recently launched a new digital strategy to empower its workforce with the tech that they need and to build world-class digital services for users.
James Munson, Director of Digital Services and Technology at the DVSA, played a key role in developing a strategy that reimagines driving tests, instructors and vehicle safety monitoring through a digital lens.

The genesis of the strategy was the DVSA’s decision to bring IT services back in-house.

“We come from a place where services had been outsourced for quite a long time, which meant that we had to go through a process of building that technology capability in-house as those contracts came to an end and thinking of what we were going to do differently,” Munson explains.

Take the MOT test of vehicle safety. The previous MOT solution was fully outsourced on a 10-year contract that began in 2005. When that contract came to an end, the DVSA chose to replace it with an internal platform that the IT team could adapt to changing technology and user needs.

The DVSA used its new level of control to add digital functions including an MOT expiration reminder service and vehicle test history checker.

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