James Caan CBE Announced As Mosaic Associates Honorary Chairman

James Caan CBE Announced As Mosaic Associates Honorary Chairman

The Mosaic Associates Scheme was relaunched at an intimate event in London yesterday at which James Caan CBE was announced as its Honorary Chairman. The evening also saw the official launch of the 2017 edition of Mosaic’s pioneering Enterprise Challenge competition.

James Caan CBE has been a long-standing supporter of Mosaic’s work and was a guest speaker at the Grand Final of the 2016 Mosaic Enterprise Challenge competition in May of this year. He has expressed many times the personal connection he feels with the charity.

Talking after the event, James said: “Mosaic’s work to help fulfil the potential of young people from our most disadvantaged communities is very close to my heart. It reminds me of my own journey as a child growing up in the East End of London. As such I am particularly delighted today to accept my position as Honorary Chairman of the Mosaic Associates Scheme, and hope others will join me in giving back to these communities.”

He went on to give his support for the Enterprise Challenge and encourage potential mentors to get involved: “I am also delighted to launch Mosaic’s Enterprise Challenge competition for the academic year 2016/17. Being an entrepreneur isn’t just limited to business, it is a mindset that helps all aspects of our lives and society. And so it gives me a great sense of pride to see a competition, that will reach 5,000 young people nationally, promote the entrepreneurial mindset! I hope others will agree with their time and sign up as a volunteer mentor!”

The Mosaic Associates scheme has been relaunched to reflect Mosaic’s new home within The Prince’s Trust. Mosaic Associates are a distinguished, dedicated and diverse group of successful and influential individuals from mainly business and professional backgrounds. They are committed to Mosaic’s mission to support disadvantaged children and young people from deprived communities in the UK. They support Mosaic’s aim to create opportunities for young people of all backgrounds, harnessing the power of positive thinking. If you are interested in finding out more about the scheme, please contact [email protected].

If you are also interested in mentoring as part of the Enterprise Challenge 2017 then you can sign up here.