IT companies have the worst HR departments, survey finds

IT companies have the worst HR departments, survey finds

Results come as memo from Google engineer claims ‘biological differences’ are to blame for lack of women in tech

IT firms have the least effective HR departments, according to a new survey based on staff feedback.

The study by workplace feedback platform ViewsHub, based on the opinions of 50,000 employees, found that HR departments in technology companies were given an average effectiveness score of 2.66 out of five from their fellow employees. The score rated HR departments’ ability to get things done, how technically good they are at their job and how responsive they are to other teams’ queries. Tech firms’ HR teams fell far short of the average of 3.45 across the 11 sectors examined, and were the only HR teams to receive an average score below three.

Ab Banerjee, chief executive of ViewsHub, urged people managers to get to “know what employees think”.

“It is essential that managers and leadership teams have access to this type of feedback data for their organisations so they can act on it,” said Banerjee. “HR departments might say they feel sidelined by tech firms, but they also have to take responsibility for this data, and act accordingly. For whatever reason, employees have developed the perception that HR departments aren’t responding to their concerns. HR departments in tech firms might want to launch engagement schemes to try to correct this.

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