HR Shares Its Own Performance Goals for 2018

HR Shares Its Own Performance Goals for 2018

What do you plan to do to improve HR performance in the New Year? HR leaders share their goals for 2018, including strengthening employee engagement, improving the management of people, revamping performance reviews, focusing on professional development for emerging HR leaders, and being a more environmentally friendly company.

Strengthening Employee Engagement

Melissa Kessler, vice president of human resources at Careington International Corp., recently attended a human resources workshop where she heard that 69 percent of managers are uncomfortable communicating with employees, according to an Interact survey conducted by Harris Poll. Kessler says she was shocked by that number but “inherently aware of the magnitude in which it speaks to why employees can often feel disconnected and unsure of their significance to the company.”

Careington, a provider of discount programs for health, wellness and lifestyle services based in Frisco, Texas, has experienced tremendous growth in the past few years.  What was once a small company has grown to 400 employees spread out among three buildings on two campuses.

“It is now more important than ever to further strengthen our connectivity and engagement at all levels, and to work hard to develop a new generation of leaders who are poised for success,” Kessler said.

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