How to plan your tech startup business

How to plan your tech startup business

What do you need to consider when starting a tech driven business?

Don’t let the important aspects of starting a tech startup business take you by surprise!

Make sure you’re on top of the facts as you move forward with your tech startup, and are aware of key legal, financial, and technical considerations that software entrepreneurs and leaders of tech businesses MUST be aware of.

This workshop is for you if you want to be clued up about the things you’ll need to consider BEFORE it’s time to hire a developer to start work on building your app.

This workshop covers:

  • Key things to do before starting the build of your product
  • Deciding on a killer MVP
  • Tech products and how they’re built
  • Understanding how to present your needs to a developer
  • Financial planning and creating a budget
  • Project planning and project management for tech startups
  • Legal considerations to take into account as you lay the foundations for your startup

Don’t get caught out by “unknown unknowns” – join us at the workshop!

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