How to build diverse teams and grow your business successfully

How to build diverse teams and grow your business successfully

In this episode, Thayer Prime joins podcast hosts Adelina Chalmers and James Parton to talk about how to build diverse teams, the dos and dont’s of recruitment, interview questions you should never ask, creating a positive inclusive culture rather than a toxic culture, and company values.

Thayer is a growth strategist and she runs Team Prime. They build the human side of digital technology, and their focus is around inclusion, diversity and recruitment work and growth strategies.

The conversation tackles representation on company boards and senior management setting the tone, a self policing culture where inappropriate behaviour is called out, hiring people like us, lazy filters on job ads, and ads versus head hunting.

She says she’s often asked to look at diversity in companies when recruitmtnet isn’t working. “If you don’t have people in jobs of importance, or in deciding positions in the company, you are saying we kind of want you as a token. There’s nothing worse in the world to people in the minority to be wanted because I’m a woman as opposed to because I’m brilliant and I’m going to help your company.”

More about the podcast

Adelina is known as The Geek Whisperer and works in tech start-ups and corporates, enabling geeks at all levels to talk to each other.

James has worked in corporate innovation and he runs the Bradfield Centre in Cambridge where they help tech companies scale.

The podcast is produced by Carl Homer (Cambridge TV) and the branding was created by Tanya and Anne-Marie at Carbon Orange.

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