How (not) to talk about diversity in tech

How (not) to talk about diversity in tech

Diversity in tech is everyone’s not-so-new obsession.

Over the past few years, there has been a wave of tech startups and publications promoting diversity-focused marketing campaigns which are either failing embarrassingly or falling down the ‘good-intentions, bad-execution’ hole. Recently, GQ featured an image where two women had been photoshopped into a group of well-known tech leaders, to make it appear more diverse.

If you’re a company that genuinely is committed to diversity, you have a responsibility to get this right. Good intentions are not enough. A ‘tick-box’ marketing strategy will not only lose you customers, but may feed into a narrative and strengthen stereotypes which have created a white male-dominated tech industry.

Today’s consumers are smart and socially conscious and can tell if you’re fobbing them off with some faux-diversity content, especially as it seems like every company is now trying to be a brand with purpose. Consumers want real, transparent messaging — this is why startups such as Monzo are thriving. In its latest report, Monzo clearly states it has a diversity problem and explains how it’s improving this.

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