Getting You Motivated in September

Getting You Motivated in September

How has your Summer been?

I had a truly memorable two weeks with my family in amazing Thailand. I had my first experience of a hillside elephant trek, was struck by the serenity of grand temples housing gigantic Buddha statues and ended the trip navigating the crazy busy streets of Bangkok. The true highlight was the quality family time we had, which was invaluable.

Now it’s back to work, and however much I love what I do, it’s taking me a bit of time to rev myself up again. Just incase you having a similar problem, I thought I’d share my blog on the Ten Tips of Being Self-Motivated with you.

I have also written an article for the Huffington post on what I learnt from the surprising Thai Women that I met on my travels – do read it and let me know what you think Lessons from Thai Women – Feminine AND Strong


Wintrade Week London

I will be attending  WINTRADE WEEK, I wanted to  share some valuable information with you, and invite you to attend as well.

As you may know, I always try to give the best value for every event I do, because I firmly believe that “You Value What You Pay For & Pay For What You Value” So how much value would you put in accessing new contracts, investments, partnerships, import/export channels and top networking with like-minded peers, locally, nationally, or internationally? And how much more value would you add if you could do this in one week with 200 global business connectors?

Advice, business support, inspiration, success strategies, new contacts and new business. Where can you find all this? WINTRADE WEEK London September 25-29th. Over 40 speakers, business and personal development gurus, networking and beyond, this will be an experience like never before. You will leave this week feeling refreshed, resilient and ready to reboot your business for 2018.

Find out more:-

As I said I like to give value so here are 2 special offers I want to share with you.

So WINTRADE WEEK has put together a special offer for  my network members.

1) They have a limited amount of part sponsored places to offer when you buy a two day pass for  WINTRADE WEEK.  You get first option to take part in this phenomenal event on a part-sponsored ticket.

2) Anyone who pays for a two day pass will receive the opportunity to present their ABC to an auditorium of over 200 business women looking to connect. What is your ABC? Your Audio Business Card.

3) BONUS: You will also receive a complimentary invite to their Launch event at the House of Lords.

It is on a first come basis.

This offer goes live to the general public soon (without the launch invite).

This is not on the website – so if you are ready to invest in yourself, and your business, reserve your part sponsored place by Emailing the Team now, [email protected]


Two Exciting Webinars – Free of Charge

All year I have been running a series of 1 hour webinars to equip you with the skills you need to navigate work and life. They’ve received fantastic feedback, participants have said that they have new ideas, tools and renewed energy. September is no exception, except that we have not one, but two brilliant webinars in store for you!

5 Seductive Steps to Self-Love
Exciting news, I will be interviewing Lynette Allen on her 5 Seductive Steps to Self-Love on 26th September at 12pm. This webinar is not to be missed, she will be sharing stories of REAL women’s journeys to self love, how they overcame limiting beliefs and how you can become an empowered woman too! Join us, the webinar is free and if you can’t make it, you’ll be sent a replay link.
Tackling Difficult Conversations
29th September 12pm – 1pm

Do you shy away from difficult conversations, afraid of others reactions or the repercussions? I will share 2 models that you can add to your toolkit to enable you to confidently start tackling those conversations head on.

  • Providing difficult feedback
  • Speaking to the head and the heart
  • How to manage boundaries effectively.

Book via this link if you can’t make it, you’ll be sent a replay link.

All replays of past webinars are available here here:


Just 16 days until the next Happenista Retreat

Taking place on the 16-17th September at Down Hall Country House Hotel, the Happenista Retreat is designed for women who love to work and love to play, women juggling a growing business or successful career with caring responsibilities.

Women who are seen by others as successful, but want to ensure that they continue to be creative, don’t burn themselves out and seek opportunities to evolve with the help of others.

If you’re a busy woman who understands that taking time out is crucial to your growth, but wants to use your time wisely. A woman who is open to new and different experiences in service of her growth. A woman who believes wholeheartedly in supporting other women.

Ultimately, if you’re a Happenista, a woman who wants to make things happen, your way. Then the Happenista Retreat is specifically designed to serve you.

Did you miss the retreat Webinar?
You can watch a replay here 

Here’s a link to find out more and BOOK:


Do have a motivated month
Please email me on [email protected] if you have any questionsThanks so much

Jenny Garrett
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