Gemma Chan Says Hollywood Needs More Behind-The-Camera Diversity

Gemma Chan Says Hollywood Needs More Behind-The-Camera Diversity

Hollywood’s diversity problem extends well beyond casting choices, Gemma Chan said.

The “Crazy Rich Asians” star is featured in the September issue of British Vogue (which was guest-edited by Meghan Markle) as one of 15 “Forces For Change.” In the interview, Chan explained that the industry isn’t as welcoming to projects centered around minorities or women as it should be.

“I know the perception is that it’s got a lot easier to make films by or about minorities or women, but it’s actually still difficult,” she said. “I would like to see a real increase in the diversity of people who are in a position to make decisions.”

British Vogue


Gemma Chan On Battling The Systematic Imbalances Embedded Within Hollywood

“When you think about who actually has the power to get a project green-lit, it is just a handful of people in Hollywood…”

The actress, who is an outspoken advocate for more diverse representation in the industry, went on to point out that “just a handful of people in Hollywood” have the authority to green light projects, and only a small portion are women or minorities.

“Until we address those systemic imbalances all the way up the chain, we’ve still got a lot of work to do.”

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