Future of Work Summit 2019

Future of Work Summit 2019

Future of Work Summit 2019

This year’s Future of Work Summit will help you benchmark your organisations future of work readiness and provide your complete toolkit for setting a strategic roadmap for positive change. Find our top session picks for you below:

Mind the (Skills) Gap: Preparing for an Uncertain future.

  • What are the essential elements of digital literacy for a modern workforce?
  • Strategic workforce planning for the future without clarity on the expertise needed for roles of the future.
  • Anticipating automation and AI

Redesigning the Organisation.

  •   The benefits and practicalities of shifting from hierarchical structure to network based organisations and ecosystems.
  • Increased use of cross-functional teams.
  • Essential changes in leadership that are needed for real change to take place.

Balancing Workforce Satisfaction and Business Objectives.

  • Achieving the crucial balance of implementing workforce initiatives and improvements while still maintaining key business KPIs.
  • Allocating budget to workplace tech and new initiatives.
  • Client vs employee satisfaction – are they mutually exclusive?

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