Event: Women in Silicon Roundabout 2016, 28th January London

Event: Women in Silicon Roundabout 2016, 28th January London

Developing the Future for Women in Tech

28th January 2016 | LONDON | #WinTech

About This Event:

This conference is not designed to provide a platform for negative input, the exchange of complaints or to demand diversity quotas. We are bringing together a group of driven and successful women in tech, to debate issues such as pay negotiation and how gender differences effect interest levels in tech-focussed jobs. Why is it that men dominate the tech industry? Women make up 38% of mathematics graduates, however under half of female STEM graduates go into tech-focussed careers, while 68% of their male counterparts are pursuing jobs in this sphere of business. 

Hear from the women at the top of Europe’s tech landscape about the challenges and opportunities faced by women in this industry. This conference will address internal company culture and structure, recruitment issues, talent retention and the traditional gender hierarchies associated with European institutions. Join us to enjoy a unique combination of content, created to investigate technical and leadership-based themes; taking the female coder to the board room.

 We will also investigate how to improve your skills portfolio to ensure career progression, personal development and ultimately success as a technology professional.

This event is for tech professionals of all descriptions, looking to gain insight into the technical and practical developments in this sector that will help to open up the industry to women and girls. Network with the women at the top of their game from enterprises and start-ups alike. Gain insight from senior technicians and entrepreneurs through interactive sessions, great networking and leading content.

Join us to gain inspiration for 2016, to learn how to supercharge your career and how we can encourage more women to make up a higher percentage of this workforce. We will be exploring the future of the tech industry and how you can ensure you are ahead of the curve.

For more details visit www.women-in-technology.com or to register click here

We have created our own Women In Tech Group and Diversity and Inclusion Group on Linked In! Join us here: Contracts IT