Empowering non-technical staff to accelerate digital transformation

Empowering non-technical staff to accelerate digital transformation

Empowering non-technical staff to accelerate digital transformation (Guest post)

Virginia Choy, CEO of PretaGov, explains how developer shortages will slow digital transformation in the public sector, and why low-code form builders could empower non-technical staff and accelerate the channel shift

The government is pushing hard to move public services online and they have made several pledges on behalf of the NHS and the Department for Work and Pension (DWP). Their latest policy paper, Government Digital Transformation Strategy, details how they will transform all citizen-facing services, full departments and internal government processes by 2020.

While progress has been made, efforts so far have used a tremendous amount of resource to hard code, customise and deploy software using an army of developers who are becoming overwhelmed with the demands placed upon them. We are facing a global shortage of developers which means the process of getting government services ‘online’ will be no easy feat.

According to our research, moving 100 paper-based forms online using traditional hard-coding methods – whereby digital services are fixed in such a way that they cannot be altered without having to go back to the original developers – would take 230 years and £150m**. This is equivalent to nine return trips to Pluto or employing 487 more nurses in the NHS***.

It is clear more traditional methods are not sustainable, and current strategies of using developer-only teams will not deliver the government’s objectives. Given the apparent lack of resource and budget, how will they move services online? One solution is to guide them out of the expensive quagmire they find themselves in, and encourage organisations to use low code, easy to use platforms to build digital services comprised of eforms, automated workflow and backend integration.

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