Whether an organisation’s goal is to solve a complex problem, innovate a new way of doing something, or grow their revenue to out compete others in the space, creating an environment that embraces team diversity is an increasingly powerful factor in achieving those goals

With over three decades of experience as a specialist technology recruiter, we have witnessed an evolution in the industry’s landscape. At a global level, the demographic changes taking place, are calling for organisations to become inclusive and diverse in their recruitment practices. Research reflects that gender and ethnically diverse organisations are most likely to financially outperform their industry medians by 35%.

We have created for our clients, recruitment solutions, which harness the value of diversity and inclusion, and maximize the talent of a skilled workforce.

At Contracts IT, we have integrated our business practices into our organisational value system to grow a workforce that is fully representative of the customers it serves and the communities in which it operates. Our equal opportunity and diversity policies lay down definitive standards that shape our human resource strategy and organisational culture. A significant characteristic of our organisational value system is respecting the different viewpoints, personal preferences, backgrounds and ethnicities people belong to. This establishes the norms for behaviors that are expected as a minimum from all our employees and promotes an inclusive recruitment system for talent seekers. Currently, 70% of our workforce is from a diverse background.

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