Diversity and inclusion in UK tech companies

Diversity and inclusion in UK tech companies

This report sheds light on diversity and inclusion in UK tech companies

We found that the state of diversity among directors of UK tech companies is unbalanced, and for the first time this research backs up with data-based findings, anecdotal reports of unrepresentative directorship.

The characteristics of tech directors are correlated with the performance of their companies. We found a significant relationship between the gender of directors and company turnover, and nationality and investment raised. We attempt to unpick why this might be the case.

In brief

22% tech directors are women
13%  directors are women in the ‘computer gaming’ sub-sector
19% tech workers are women
49% UK workers are women

Despite a burgeoning number of interventions that aim to shed light on, and address gender disparity in the boardroom, the proportion of men and women being appointed directors of tech companies in the UK has remained almost exactly the same since 2000.

But things could be so much better…


£70,000 turnover premium for directors on boards with gender diversity
453% higher investment for directors sitting on internationally diverse boards

Tech leadership is highly international. 18% of tech directors are of non-British nationality, compared to 13% in all other sectors, and 13.8% in the UK population as a whole.

The state of diversity in UK tech

Diversity and inclusion in the tech sector has received much attention over recent years. From encouraging young women to consider STEM careers to addressing gender gaps in tech boardrooms – a number of interventions have aimed to address a perceived imbalance in representation of some groups.

The Tech Nation Report challenged our perceptions about the people that work in the tech sector. We broke the stereotype that all people working in tech are millennials, in fact, this is only the case in East London – not the UK as a whole. However, we also found that the tech sector is still in the throes of a diversity dilemma when it comes to gender, and this has not really changed over recent years.

But what is the cause of this seemingly intractable imbalance in tech? Is this something that is being driven from the top of companies? If so, what can directorship data tell us about diversity and inclusion, and does it offer a potential solution for addressing some of the broader issues around representation and inclusion in the sector as a whole?

We explore the state of diversity among tech directors in the UK. We look at gender, age and tech sub-sector to unpick trends about the characteristics of directors. And we look at how this has changed over time, to see if the problem is being chipped away, or if it’s getting worse.

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