Death to the CV

Death to the CV

It was this question that sparked the inception of Jobbio, a careers marketplace on a mission to murder the CV.
“People are more than a piece of paper. Each person has something unique to offer, a different story to tell. A CV just doesn’t do that,” said Stephen Quinn, Jobbio CEO.

Stephen and his brother John founded Jobbio in 2014 with the vision of reimagining hiring, so more people could do what they love. Since then they’ve expanded to London, New York and Canada, making them the world’s fastest growing marketplace for tech and digital careers.

“The idea itself is quite simple” Stephen continued, “bring talent and companies together on a platform that’s live, interactive and engaging. Emailing CVs is not just a huge waste of time for the applicant but it’s a really inefficient way for companies to manage talent too. You end up with a stack of CVs that are out of date as soon as they reach the hiring manager – if they even get that far!”

Jobbio allows companies to showcase themselves in an authentic and attractive way. They can add photos of their offices, employee testimonials, behind-the-scenes videos, links to their social – everything that’s unique about their business and team. The live applicant tracking platform means that companies can also build a talent pool for future roles.

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