David Walliker explains how NHS tech is saving lives in Merseyside

David Walliker explains how NHS tech is saving lives in Merseyside

The Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital NHS Trust CIO is addressing health inequalities with digital initiatives.

David Walliker’s digital initiatives are not only saving money; they’re saving lives.

Walliker is CIO of two major hospitals, the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital and Liverpool Women’s Hospital. He also recently added executive accountability for the Life Science Accelerator to his long list of responsibilities, giving him the opportunity to focus his IT strategy on an area he’s extremely passionate about: health inequalities.

“There are some poor outcomes in Liverpool, and fundamentally, our strategy is about how we improve the outcomes for our population,” he says. “That’s number one.”

Walliker is helping the city build a digital infrastructure for healthcare that can address its health inequalities in Liverpool, which are among the worst in the UK.

These include the only 5G testbed dedicated to health and social care in the country and the Livernerds Lab, a high-tech facility for testing supported living tools that could help patients transition from the hospital to their home.

It consists of a smart hospital room that replicates those that will be found in the 646-bed Royal Liverpool Hospital, which is due to open by the end of 2020, and a smart house that simulates a patient’s home. Each has been fitted with sensors, telemedicine, virtual reality headsets and other digital tools that can help clinicians monitor changes to a patient’s health.

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