Cyber security tips for SMEs

Cyber security tips for SMEs

In our recent web chat on cyber security, a panel of experts discussed how SMEs can effectively protect themselves.

What are the biggest cyber security threats that face SMEs?

Vince Warrington, founder, Protective Intelligence

“Ransomware is probably the biggest threat, as many companies are probably not prepared for the impact that it can have. There’s nothing quite so stomach-churning as discovering that all the backups had failed many months ago and that there’s no way of restoring this data.”

Mark Skilton, professor, Warwick Business School

“I see us as being in the third wave of cyber threats: the first was distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks [where an online service is made unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources], the second was data breaches, while now we’re seeing an increase in malware and smart intelligent attacks, of which ransomware is part.”

Oliver Stimpson, product specialist, CyberArk

“We’ve seen the threat change from isolated to combined attacks that involve both phishing [malicious emails purporting to be from reputable companies] and malware [malicious and disruptive software]. We’re also seeing more attacks targeted on high-value individuals,
such as board members and IT staff.

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