Cyber security industry key to solving skills gap

Cyber security industry key to solving skills gap

In the face of a growing shortage of cyber security skills around the world, the security industry itself needs to do more to attract people

The cyber security industry needs do a better job at marketing itself, demonstrating what roles are available, and making it easier for people to switch careers, according to a panel of industry experts.

By 2022, there will be 1.8 million unfilled cyber security jobs, according to the latest (ISC) global information security workforce study.

“In Europe, the shortfall is projected to be around 350,000, with the UK’s share of unfilled cyber security jobs expected to be around 100,000,” said Adrian Davis, managing director for the Middle East, Europe and Africa at (ISC)2.

The study also revealed that only 10% of the cyber security jobs around the world are currently filled by women, with that figure falling to 8% in Europe, and only 7% of the current workforce is under the age of 30, he told the opening session of the 2017 Security Serious virtual conference.

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