Contracts IT Terminology

Contracts IT Terminology

Contracts IT Terminology

A nice blog to start the week. Here we define the words we use everyday at Contracts IT. So if you want to work with us, then you may want to read the following…

T’s and C’s: Terms and Conditions AKA things are in progress… over to you accounts.

Permy: Permanent job.

Pipeline: We say this A LOT. Basically, it means its out there and we’ll get back to this.

Working the role: I’m on it!

Slow burner: This is going to take 3 – 6 months time (Our bosses don’t like this one)


Hot to Trot: This means the job opportunity is a great one and it’s URGENT. We’re going to have our data hungry candidates emailing us like crazy for the role… as they do, as they do.


Let’s start from the top: This is the Navaid’s morning line. (Don’t take this away from him)

Juicy: Jani’s favourite term, which means the role has a high budget, its a good role making it “juicy to work”.

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Tracking: When someone is being “allusive” (another Contracts IT term).  This consists of stalking, linking in, emailing, calling and someone’s even a text BUT we call this “tracking”.


Prepped up: You HAVE to be “prepped up” every day for the morning meeting…if you’re not, Jani will see you at 5 o’clock.

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Who’s mugs and plates are these? : Usually Navaid says this,  getting everyone to “fess up” for being naughty for not washing up (always blaming Natalia) until you hear someone in the office say the following…


Traction: (Naheed’s favourite). A fancy way of saying bring in those clients and candidates!


Oh it’s Friday: Usually on a Friday, our brains are exhausted from working EVER so hard during the week. (We love our jobs too much) But seriously, who knew sitting all day was so tiring! So when we mess up on a Friday, this is what we say to excuse ourselves.

Dangling the carrot: When you think you have something there but you really don’t.

(This is Contracts IT banter and is it not to be taken seriously!)

We are hiring! We’re looking for someone to join our team!


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