Continuous evolution and reinvention in biopharma

Continuous evolution and reinvention in biopharma

Andreas Weiler, Business Unit Head for Emerging Technologies, and Fatma Senkesen, Marketing Intelligence Associate Director, at Lonza, explain how their company has kept in step with industry developments.

What have been the most significant developments in the industry for contract manufacturing and development to the pharmaceutical market over the past 21 years?

In our view it has been the advent of biologic drugs and their acceptance as key treatment options in a large number of disease areas such as oncology and immunology. In the past five to 10 years, the focus has shifted to manufacturing and supplying these drugs to the market in an efficient and flexible manner. There is also an increasing need for technological diversity, innovation, automation and creative business models.

The arrival of biosimilars and establishment of generics is creating pressure on pharmaceutical companies to further enrich their portfolio with new innovative medicines and increasingly focus on more diverse technologies, more targeted medicines and often rare indications. The significant efficacy results achieved by some of these novel medicines, such as CAR-T cell therapies, are also helping to bring them to the forefront in terms of both funding and pipeline activities. Thus, CMOs also need to evolve to produce increasingly diverse and complex drugs in varying capacities.

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