Consumer Tech Puts New Pressures On Technology Leaders, Says Pure Storage CIO

Consumer Tech Puts New Pressures On Technology Leaders, Says Pure Storage CIO

Over the last decade the proliferation of consumer technology has had an ancillary effect on enterprise IT and its respective executives, according to Pure Storage CIO Cathy Southwick.

While consumer tech has highlighted the value of technology throughout an organisation it has brought with it new expectations, creating new pressure for information chiefs and adding another piece to the CIO juggling act.

No longer focused on enablement and support, modern IT teams are now “strategic partners”, Southwick says.

“Taking a step back, you can see that the IT department has moved from a time period where it was solely about enablement for the business to now being focused on becoming a strategic partner. Our actions are now centred on helping each business unit deliver the best outcomes for customers and employees.”

Southwick argues the customer focus – which guides decisions at her organisation, leading enterprise flash vendor Pure Storage – is not at odds with shareholder return.

“Some companies have strategies solely focused on shareholder return but at the end of the day, I believe that if your technology is good, and your customers and employees are happy, you’ll deliver on key business priorities and meet (if not exceed) shareholder expectations.”

Impact Of Consumer Technology

One of the key drivers in the shifting role of the CIO has been consumer technology, according to Southwick.

“We’ve seen a significant shift in those [last] 10-12 years,” Southwick told Which-50, “where now everybody is able to consume technology in a range of different ways – via mobile, in the office, on the beach – wherever you’re at.

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