CIT blog : How these 5 Business Leaders are Championing Diversity in European Tech

CIT blog : How these 5 Business Leaders are Championing Diversity in European Tech

How these 5 Business Leaders are Championing Diversity in European Tech
In the tech industry, there is a lot of attention put on the challenges and areas of slow progress when it comes to the Diversity and Inclusion of women, minorities, LGBT, and members of the disabled community.

If we look through the studies and news stories about where the gaps lie, we can see the work of mission-oriented leaders who are currently making strides to solve those issues and overcome those challenges.

Today, we’re pointing the spotlight on these business leaders by sharing some of their wise words about Diversity and Inclusion in the technology industry.




“There are 70,000 jobs where, if you have maths or physics, you are a shoo in […]

But everybody is still turning to where the jobs aren’t as opposed to where the jobs are. Careers advice everybody knows is old. It’s hard to fix that.”

Edwina Dunn, Chair of the Your Life campaign









“We measure the success of YFYA from a number of aspects through extensive survey and feedback from the students and schools. KPIs include whether students are likely to pursue careers in STEM, the number of students attending year on year, the number of placements attained (work experience, internships, apprenticeships and graduate intake) to how many organisations participate each year and the quality of the workshops and activities we are able to put together.”

Tunji Akintokun, Director at Cisco covering Africa, founder of the social enterprise “Your Future, Your Ambition








“Inspiring people to improve their digital skills isn’t something you can do through a huge communications campaign […]

We need to talk to people and unlock their passions. We really have to put ourselves in the mindset of what digital skills mean to them.”

Leigh Smyth, Head of Digital Inclusion, Lloyds Banking Group










“The higher up you are, the more power you have to dramatically change things. We can’t change things from being at the bottom or in between, we need to get to the top first! We can tend to hold ourselves back because we feel like we will not be able to balance or manage our lives. The more senior you are the more control you have of your diary and you have more to delegate, so you might actually find you work better in a management role.”

Jenny Garrett, Author of Rocking Your Role, The How-To Guide To Success For Female Breadwinners









“Storytelling is one of the primary tools that SEED Network has used in creating momentum in delivering against their plan, of building connection, of increasing awareness and disability confidence and raising the profile of SEED.  The power of a personal story and social media is acknowledged and has been proven to enable real change over the last twelve months.  On our Network collaboration site we have a number of such stories where employees have openly shared the detail of their disability, injury or condition and how Fujitsu and SEED have made a difference to their working lives.  It creates a ripple effect, the more people are prepared to be brave and share their story, the more we encourage everyone to feel comfortable and confident in doing the same.”

Sarah Simcoe, Chair at SEED Disability Employee Network




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