Building a more inclusive workplace for people with disability

Building a more inclusive workplace for people with disability

In today’s competitive business environment, savvy leaders are striving to build more diverse and inclusive workplaces. Yet many leaders are unsure where to begin.

‘Diversity’ is a hot topic in the business world right now. Diversity begins from the top down, by creating a warm and welcoming environment that celebrates difference on every level – whether it’s in relation to gender, cultural background or age. It’s also about ensuring workplaces are accessible for people with disability.

The more diverse, inclusive and accessible a workplace is, the greater the returns and competitive advantages for your brand. While most leaders want to build a more diverse workforce, they tend to overlook people with disability in business planning.

For example, in a recent Forbes report on achieving innovation through diversity, it was found that organisations are falling short in areas of disability inclusion.

The missed opportunity

Around 18% of Australians have a disability. Despite this, many leaders don’t consider people with disability in their recruitment efforts – and this is a missed opportunity.

Responsibility for building inclusion lies with senior management and requires genuine commitment to change. Going forward, increased diversity, inclusion and accessibility will be a crucial element of business strategy and workforce management. It is time to unlock the potential of people with disability in the workplace.

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