Beyond A Tech-Focused Future Of Work

Beyond A Tech-Focused Future Of Work

To be social enterprises, organizations ultimately have to be human enterprises

When we talk about the Future of Work, the conversation is often focused on technology, AI and robotics, etc., and rightly so. But, we also need to create an intersection to the broader societal, community and, ultimately, human implications of this massive shift. With the advancements in automation and AI rapidly entering the workplace, with the future of jobs in question, with a massive skills gap on the horizon, and with more people defining their identity by their work, organizations have to find a way to put meaning back into the workplace.

Many in society, from business, government, education, and the public at large, have expressed the expectation that the role of organizations should be broader than purely economic and that their purpose should go beyond revenue growth and profit-making. Social enterprises take on this leadership role by actively tackling big issues and driving positive change for their stakeholders and for society.

The social enterprise is here…

Our latest research shows that the role of the social enterprise is more important than ever and is growing. Today, 44 percent of survey respondents in our 2019 Global Human Capital Trends report (nearly 10,000 leaders across 119 countries) said social enterprise issues are more important to their organization than they were three years ago, and 56 percent expect them to be even more important three years from now. Survey respondents also noted a positive link between leading the social enterprise and an organization’s financial performance. In fact, 73 percent of industry-leading social enterprises expect stronger business growth in 2019 than in 2018, compared to only 55 percent of those where the social enterprise is not a priority.[i]

…but it’s shifting, too.

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