A Quarter Of UK Tech Roles Are Occupied By Women

A Quarter Of UK Tech Roles Are Occupied By Women

New research from Flexioffices has revealed the growth and decline of UK job industries in the last nine years with particular focus on technology sectors.

One of the largest growing industries of today, technology has seen more than a third of growth since 2010 with IT specialists increasing by 34 per cent and web design and development roles increasing by 83 per cent.

The findings, sourced from the Office of National Statistics between 2010-2018, comes as former Netflix executive Dr Neil Hunt donates $3.5 million to support development of women in tech leadership roles.

Companies of micro to large employee size that fall within the information and communication category grew 51 per cent from 2010 to 2018. Technology is included in this category, proving a significant and consistent increase in tech-focused businesses year-on-year.

According to a recent Tech Nation report, digital technology businesses in Yorkshire have turned over £3.7 billion with 53,000 people in the region employed in this sector.

Roles within science, research, engineering and technology fields have seen a 26 per cent increase overall since 2010. This is broken down into a 25 per cent rise in women in these roles and a 75 per cent rise in men. IT specialist roles have risen since 2010 by 34 per cent with 19 per cent of this women and 81 per cent men.

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