8 best Christmas tech gift ideas £50-£100

8 best Christmas tech gift ideas £50-£100

You really need to like someone to spend between £50 and £100 on them. No cop-out easy option box of chocs or bottle of booze here – this is an amount right in the sweet spot for ‘proper’ Christmas presents.

But, of course, if you’re investing proper money in your loved ones, you want it to go as far as it can. Rest assured that these top value-for-money ideas will delight and entertain in equal measure.

From headphones to wireless speakers, via DACs and subscription services, there’s something here to thrill any music and movie lover in your life.

Klipsch T5M Wired

(Image credit: Klipsch)

If you know someone who has kept the headphones that came bundled with their new smartphone, the gift of these £70 Klipsch in-ear headphones will be an absolute revelation to them. These What Hi-Fi? Award winners will stun them with the overall improvement they will hear in their on-the-move music.

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