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Have you ever left an industry event feeling disappointed?

It happens a lot.

You choose the the perfect attire (professional, yet relaxed).

You print out fresh business cards (designed on heavy card-stock).

You even manage to get your elevator pitch under 30 seconds (woohoo).

Enthusiasm is running high on the way to the event. You’re jamming to your favorite Spotify playlist. And you’re thinking about the business connections you will surely make.

Nothing can stop you now!

Unfortunately, that initial optimism begins to wane as the day goes on. While the event itself is enjoyable, you come out of it with few take-aways or LinkedIn connections.

It’s a lesson many tech founders learn the hard way: Networking for the sake of networking, at events that may not be tech-specific enough, is just not worth it.

With that said, attending the right tech events, at the right time and with the right strategies in place can pay huge dividends. A whopping 10,000+ tech events took place in London in 2016. Thus, before committing to any event, it’s imperative to take an honest look at where you are in terms of growth and what you hope to gain from attending an industry event.

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