7 Steps Which Can Improve Workplace Diversity For Free

7 Steps Which Can Improve Workplace Diversity For Free

First of all what does a diverse workforce mean and why is it important? If you’re looking to improve diversity in the workplace it’s essential to understand this! Before being involved in a diversity scheme I had a perception that ‘diversity’ programs were introduced to improve male to female and ethnic ratios. Actually, diversity goes far beyond that – it’s about ensuring that you include people from as many walks of life,  at different stages in their life / career who draw on diverse experiences!
So now that we know ‘diversity’ means so much more than a set of traits how do we make sure we are attracting a wide pool of potential candidates and providing an environment which will make them want to stay? Here are some top tips:

1. Improve your adverts

Make sure you create job adverts which have less ‘fixed’ requirements. For example, research shows that women (typically) feel they need to hit (close to) 100% of the job experience requirements before applying for a job, whilst men require a much lower match to feel confident in applying.

This means that if you’re putting out a long list of ‘must haves’ you are probably immediately discounting a large pool of potential candidates. Instead, describe any areas of support and development which can be offered. Women, typically are not as self promoting and are put off by wordings such as “rockstar” or “best of the best” so make sure you steer clear of words like that. In general, describing an atmosphere which promotes values and loyalty above freebies will attract a larger candidate pool.

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