7 Cybersecurity Questions Every Leader Should Ask

7 Cybersecurity Questions Every Leader Should Ask

I recently interviewed the former CIO for the White House (under the Bush administration), Theresa Payton, about why marketers must start engaging in cybersecurity before crises like the recent Equifax cybersecurity incident emerge. As the current CEO of Fortalice Solutions, a cybersecurity and intelligence consulting firm that helps businesses and government organizations protect themselves from emerging threats, I turned to Payton to help indentify the seven cybersecurity questions every business leader should be asking.
7 Cybersecurity Questions Every Leader Should Ask Now

1. Do you have, or use a third party to physically and digitally track your company’s assets using open-source intelligence? Essentially, are you effectively monitoring your company to understand where there are possible vulnerabilities?

2. Have you geo-fenced the company and travel for executives? Some companies throw large events and we encourage companies to geo-fence. Think like the adversary, track the adversary. By doing this, we have in certain cases been able to avoid an issue. As an example, we had one high profile individual geo-fenced. There was a lot of anti-Semite, misogynistic content on social media trying to discredit this high-profile individual, so much so that I was concerned enough to protect her physical safety. By actively monitoring her online presence, we were able to liaise with her physical security team and ensure her safety. We continue to monitor her digital presence to make sure she stays safe both online and offline.

3. Have you defined the top, most important firm assets and have you developed a process/system to regularly think about the risk associated with these assets? You need to have line of sight to the data. You must do a walkabout in the name of security. Are you creating situations where the employees are working around the security to get their job done and in the process, creating new vulnerabilities?

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