5 big ideas to reboot democracy in the EU

5 big ideas to reboot democracy in the EU

There is a widespread, intensifying belief that without the greater involvement of its citizens, the European Union is condemned to fail. While this realization is far from new, recent events in Catalonia along with Brexit have lent it fresh force.

At the same time, as our everyday realities become less and less “national” in scope and in scale, a sense of collective destiny is growing among the peoples of Europe.

Citizens no longer look exclusively to their own governments to solve emerging challenges. They expect the European Union to play an active role in anything from ensuring food safety, mitigating climate change or mediating territorial disputes. Yet the level of interdependence that exists among European countries and peoples appears in stark contrast with the current EU political system, which is based on the nation state.

Hence the question of how to ensure the EU’s citizens are active protagonists, not passive spectators, in the political system?

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